Acting Department AUDITIONS: “Perfectly Wilde Radio Show”

Posted September 21, 2020

Acting Department AUDITIONS: “Perfectly Wilde Radio Show”

Perfectly Wilde Character Breakdown

Note: All Wilde characters are British; most are upper class (except the servants) who speak very proper. The rest of the characters are American except Marjorie Wills who is British.

Female (19)
Adelaide Hawley Cumming plays Betty Crocker - Actress who is the face of Betty Crocker for advertising
Babs Henderson plays The Duchess - Well known character actor Bea Averback, Sound-Quiet but gets the job done
Elinor Nelson plays Lady Bracknell - Big movie star from the 30’s/40’s, Bradley’s mother
Elvia Kelly plays Lady Plymdale - High School girl from Dramatics Club
Gloria Brown plays Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax - Beautiful and vivacious ingenue star
Gracie Webster plays Lady Stutfield - High School girl from Dramatics Club
Jane Wesley plays Lady Windermere - Famous star, married to Ronnie
Joan Randolph plays Rosalie - High School girl from Dramatics Club
Lugene Emerson plays Miss Prism, Governess - Former Ingenue who has moved to older roles, Lorene’s sister
Lurene Carr, Director - Strong female director, rare in radio, Lugene’s sister
Mabel Donahue plays Cecily Cardew - Vivacious and beautiful new ingenue star
Marjorie Wills, British Lady - Guest Host, Stuffy woman who isn’t impressed
Mary Jane Morgan plays Mrs. Cowper-Cowper - High School girl from Dramatics Club Mildred Reynolds, Girl Friday-New in Hollywood, her first day and knows nothing about radio. Peg
Bromley plays Lady Jedburgh - High School Dramatics Teacher/Director Sally Burns plays Mrs. Erlynne- Well known character actor
Vera Wyatt, Stage Manager - Harried but competent who runs the show well
Vivian Tuttle plays Agatha - High School girl from Dramatics Club, dates Billy

Male (8)
Bradley White plays Mr. Hopper and Algernon - Famous Matinee Idol, Son of Elinor
Billy Stevens plays Mr. Dumby - High School boy from Dramatics Club, an arrogant fool
Harry Stevens, Announcer - The announcer
Oswald Allman plays Lord Augustus - Well known character actor Ronnie Backus plays Lord Windermere- Famous star, married to Jane
Ricky Parker plays Cecil and Jack -High School boy from Dramatics Club, nice boy becomes a star Ted Gray plays Lane, Merriman, Parker-Character Actor who always plays a butler
Wally Smith plays Lord Darlington - Up and coming younger actor. Oswald’s “protege.”


(Depending on the turnout of talent the commercial roles might be cast separate or they will be cast with the actors already in the show.)

Commercials 23
Betty Crocker - Bake Someone Happy
Betty Crocker
Elwood aka Sparky

Mr. Potato Head

Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4




Movies - Drive In Double Features!
Voice 1. Now playing at Highway 39
Voice 2. Now playing at the Sundown Drive In
Voice 3 Now playing at the Huntington Drive In

Station Break
Voice 4. Fort Laramie
Voice 5. Dragnet
Voice 6. Aunt Jenny’s Real-Life Stories

Betty Crocker #2
Betty Crocker

Advice for Girls
Girl 5
Girl 6
Girl 7