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Music Department

Music Department
APA's music department offers instruction and performance opportunities in the areas of instrumental music, vocal music and also in the contemporary commercial recording arts field. Classically trained instrumentalist play in small and large ensembles and groups. Contemporary musicians write and record their songs and cut CDs. Vocalist train to move to either Musical Theatre or the Commercial Recording Arts program. Some see music as their future career; others love it as a hobby. Many perform as pit-orchestra members for APA's musical productions or play in bands. No matter what the post-secondary goal our students are serious about their art.

Students who have already gained proficiency in an instrument may take this class which is designed to provide unique musical opportunities to musicians. The class is grouped into a variety of ensembles based on instruments and student’s interests which may include: chamber orchestra, pit orchestra, jazz lab band, renaissance consort, string ensemble, brass choir, percussion ensemble, woodwind choir, jazz combo, flute choir, clarinet choir, sax quartet and keyboard ensembles. Emphasis is placed on interpretation of styles, phrasing, articulation, and dynamics with concentration on both technique and aesthetics. Students have the opportunity to study music theory, history and composition. The department coordinator will schedule mandatory performances. This class may be repeated for additional credit.
Advanced Placement Music Theory
Students are introduced to musicianship, theory, musical materials and procedures. The course integrates aspects of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, form, musical analysis, elementary composition, history and style. We touch on musicianship skills such as dictation and listening skills, sight singing, and keyboard harmony
Vocal Studies
Students will study advanced beginning to intermediate principles of vocal technique. Emphasis is placed on interpretation of style, phrasing, articulation, and dynamics with concentration of both technique and aesthetics. This is not a typical performance class. However, the department coordinator may schedule mandatory performances and community outreach events. This class may be repeated for additional credit.