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Tickets for second stage shows are available 1 hour before show time.




MMET Popular Music

Musical Theatre


Honor Cords

The APA honor cord is awarded to those students who have gone above and beyond in APA and academics during their high school careers. This cord is a symbol of hard work and is worn with distinction during the graduation ceremony.

Apply for an Honor Cord

APA Letters

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply for the APA letter which can be worn on a letterman jacket, APA show jacket, or APA Student Council sweater. The jocks are no longer the only ones wearing their accomplishments on their sleeves!

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Lead APA

Join APA Student Council

APA Student Council offers its own leadership opportunities. Under the direction of staff advisor Susan West, the APA council meets weekly and plans student events such as the annual APA Academy Awards, Walk for the Arts, New Student BBQ, council dances, and other community outreach. APA Freshmen can participate as "APA Nuggets" for their first year under the mentorship of more experienced APA Student Council board members.

APA Student Council Application

New to APA?
Join the APA Student Council Nugget Program

An APA "Nugget" is a new APA student with unrivaled dedication to APA. APA Nuggets learn what it means to be a part of APA Student Council, and help out behind the scenes during APA events. Are you interested in being a part of this leadership program? If so, complete and submit the application below.

APA Nugget Application

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APA Administration

Stacy Robison

Special Programs Administrator, APA | x51460

Diane Makas

APA Artistic Director | Dance & Musical Theatre Teacher | x51450

Susan West

APA Supervisor, APA Council Advisor | x51455

Christina Biardi

Special Projects Technician | x51454

Brandy Grant

APA Office Staff | x51454

Nicole Perreira

APA Public Relations | x51454


Gregg Gilboe

Orchestra Chair | x51303


Jenny McClintock

Acting Chair | x51153

Stephanie Bull

Acting Teacher | x51153


Marie Hoffman

Dance Co-Chair | x51461

Andrea Taylor

Dance Co-Chair | x51314

Brande Dunn

Ballet Teacher | x51341

Christy Hernandez

Tap Teacher | x51314

Diane Makas

APA Artistic Director | Dance & Musical Theatre Teacher | x51450

Technical Theatre

Josh Behrens

Auditorium Technician | x51306

Chris Henderson

Auditorium Technician | x51306

Costume Design

Marissa Sellers

Costume Design Chair | x51308


Danielle Collins

MMET Pop Chair | x51116

Mike Simmons

MMET Media, Campus Update Teacher | x51114

Nicole Kubis

MMET Vocal Director | x51114

Musical Theatre

Tim Nelson

Musical Theatre Chair | x51025

Diane Makas

APA Artistic Director | Dance & Musical Theatre Teacher | x51450

APA Parent Guilds

Musical Theatre Guild

Jenni Bielicki


Rebecca Grudt

Vice President

Jeff Mullin


Mary Elliott


Renee Anderson


Lisa Peddle


Dance Guild

Rebecca Lynch


Meg Conlay


Susan Ng

Vice President

Leticia Renteria


Kristin Meschuk


Jill Hart

Co-Vice President of Communications

Angie Graves

Co-Vice President of Communications

Jane Acciacca

Vice President of Volunteers

Theatre Guild

Mindy Heim


Elizabeth Miles

Co-Vice President

Celine Keeble

Co-Vice President

Danielle Chatt


Mindy Marcus


Heather Dahl-Ellis


Shannon Pollacchi


Orchestra Guild (OMG)

Ariadna Vergil

Vice President-Orchestra

Ingrid Lee

Recording Secretary

Julie Lee


MMET Guild

Cynthia Perazzo


Ken Gordon

Vice President

Gabby Basham


Shanelle Rini


Lisa Gordon


Dagmar Kamenar


Rachel Rodriguez

Media Guild Representative

Megan Atkinson

Volunteer Coordinator