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11/20/14 - APA Wear: great stocking-stuffers!

You can order your APA Wear online for the upcoming holidays at www.hbapawear.org

11/15/14 - Dear lords and ladies of the APA court... Two more chances to see AS YOU LIKE IT!

You don't even have to wait in line. Get your tickets (and pick your seats) on-line:  www.hbapa.org/content/you-it

11/07/14 - 18th Annual Ten Minute Play Festival Cast

Departments: Acting, APA Student Council, Theatre

18th Annual Ten Minute Play Festival Cast

First Read Through Moday Nov.10th


Hello Beautiful, a drama by Faith Longo, Directed by Giorgia Somerville

Ingrid                    Gabby Garcia

Violet                    Abigal Taugher

Colton                   Austin Schulte


Moments Await, a drama by Makena Pang, Directed by Mikaela Cole

Clara                      Amaras Miller

Blaire                     Rebeka Fodor

Marley                  Wendoly Espitia

Noel                      Tristen Blackwell


Please Wash Your Hands, a comedy by Levi Lindsay, Directed by Rachel Ford

Plumber               Daniel Lesnick

Sane women     Calysta Byers

Crazy Man           Shannon Jackson

Manager              Aaron Stafford


Orphy and Hall, a drama by Morgan Aranda, Directed by Thuany Cruz

Orphyeus            Christopher Delfino

Hall                         Caitlyn Abrahams

Ensemble            Alyssa Musgray, Jaqueline Orquieta, Claudia Valenta


Tempest, a drama by Riley Smith, Directed by Zack Ali

Tempest              Rachel Fishbough

Jill                           Brooke Teasley

Interviewer        Catlynn Yates

Ensemble            Malia Merrill, Jordyn Fletcher, Madison Correia


The Sentinel, a romantic thriller by Lilia Van, Directed by Nicholas Stenseng

Sentinel                               Jonathan Palafoutas

Rita                                        Hannah Looper

Paper Boy                           Blake Laszlo

Ensemble Ayla Valantine, Jordan Schochet


El Paseo, a musical by Jacky Dang, Directed by Zoee Gallego

Gabriel                 Adrian Villegas

Marina                  Sariah Perez

Andrea                 Emma Baltodano

Police Officer     Shannon Mahoney

Ensemble            Emily Schreiner, Shelbi Schumacher, Megan Krizan, Daniel Lesnick


Mauerspringer, a drama by Jacob Menke, Directed by Kate Napoli

Conrad                 Finn Mitchel

Giselle                  Katie Peterson

11/06/14 - SuperCool Frozen Yogurt & Desserts SuperFUNdraiser THIS SATURDAY


Hey guys! APA will have their very own flavor at SuperCool Desserts! This Saturday from 11 am - 11 pm, if you purchase the Red, White, & APA (Cherry Italian Ice & Vanilla Fro-Yo) and brag about APA at the register, we'll receive 20% of your purchase.

We're testing this out to see if in the future we can have a friendly competition between departments, where each department chooses their own flavor. Whichever department raises the most money will win all of the funds to better their department! Costuming has already submitted their flavor choice - Costumers' Chocolate & Cake, Oh my! (Chocolate & Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt). 

10/28/14 - 'You're So Trashy' Trash Bag Fashion Show: Nov. 2nd!

Please join us for the 9th annual Trash Bag Fashion Show Fundraiser! This year’s theme is ‘You’re So Trashy’ a play on Iggy Azalea’s hit song “I’m So Fancy”. The students from Dance Tech II all the way to Rep will be performing to current, popular songs, choreographed by the Choreography and Improvisation students! The dancers make their own costumes out of the trendiest trashy fashions. They will be performing on the Huntington Beach High School campus in the outdoor amphitheater on November 2nd at 1:00 pm. Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for students. Every ticket purchase comes with trashy fast food from El Pollo Loco: chicken, tortilla chips, salsa, sides and a salad! Raffles and Opportunity Baskets tickets will be available for purchase with amazing prizes. You can purchase tickets from the APA Office located at 1905 Main Street Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

09/12/14 - Date for APA OPEN HOUSE just announced... October 18th 8:30am-2:30pm

APA Open House

Event Date: 
October 18, 2014 - 8:30am - 2:30pm

Experience APA - An Open House Event - "The Arts Academy within a traditional high school setting."

Students and parents interested in knowing more about APA, its departments, staff, facilities, scope, and audition process are encouraged to attend this special event.  Registration is required and a day of seminars and tours that is custom-fit to your interests.  Master Classes, informational sessions and campus tours for prospective APA parents & students for the 2014-2015 school year and also special performances by current APA students.  Gourmet lunch trucks will be on-site as well. 

Click below on REGISTER HERE and be ready to pick 3 APA Departments to check out. Here is a list of all the APA Departments:

  • DIRECTING & PLAY WRITING(Dramatic Production)
  • MMET- Media Team
  • MMET- Popular Music

Saturday, October 18 from 8:30am-2:30pm, HBHS CAMPUS - 1905 Main Street, Huntington Beach

Space is limited, so register early (by Oct. 10th) to ensure placement in your preferred sessions.

REGISTER HERE: http://tinyurl.com/2014-APA-OPEN-HOUSE

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: The Academy for the Performing Arts (APA), a magnet program of the Huntington Beach Union High School District, has been serving the students of this community since 1993. Students that attend one of the HBUHSD high schools may be a part of the APA program. 


Departments: Acting, APA Student Council, MMET Music, MMET Media, Music, Media and Entertainment Technology, Technical Theatre, Costuming, Dance, Musical Theater, Orchestral Music, Theatre

First rehearsal is the read through on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 7:00 pm in the Black Box. Thank you to the wonderful talent at auditions.  This is a challenging but fun show.  For several roles there was more than one actor who was great so I had hard choices.   I will be calling back singers by song in the next couple weeks.  Scripts will be passed out at the read through if not before.  RR


The Court of Duke Frederick:

Duke Frederick- Sebastian Dominquez

Rosalind- Alyssa Hall

Celia – Katie Peterson

Touchstone- Nicholas Stenseng

Le Beau- Kasha Meyers

Charles- Sam Johnson

Lord at court 1-Nathan Coffey

Lord at court 2- Ethan Stafford

Lords and ladies in Duke Frederick's court - Kareem Alkhouli, Sorshia Curry, Rebeka Fodor, Jacob Mesa, Finn Mitchel, James Volonte

Duke Frederick’s Soldiers- Benjamin Belhassen, Kayla Boogar, James Hamill, Shannon, Mahoney, Max Vallocchia


The Household of the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys:

Oliver de Boys- Mason Marie

Jacques de Boys- James Volonte

Orlando de Boys- Kelsey Kato

Adam- Zach Lombardo

Dennis- Ethan DiMarino

The Exiled Court of Duke Senior in the Forest of Arden:

Duke Senior- Grant Rincon

Jaques- Jacob Menke

Amiens- Caitlyn Abrahams

Lord in forest 1-Landon Parsons

Lord in forest 2- Makenzie Hajek

Lord in forest 3-Emma Baltadano

Page 1- Erik Drake

Page 2- Sariah Perez

Pages-Thuany Cruz, Makena Low, Aaron Stafford, Ethan Volonte


Country folk in the Forest of Arden:

Phebe- Shannon Mahoney

Silvius- Finn Mitchel

Audrey- Kayla Boogar

Corin- James Hamill

William-Sam Johnson

Sir Oliver Martext- Kareem Alkhouli


Other characters:

*Hymen- Sorshia Curry

*Singers – TBA by song



Rosalind- Emma Baltodano; Orlando- Finn Mitchel; Touchtone/ Jaques -Max Vollacchia - ; Celia/ Audrey - Makenzie Hajek; Oliver/ Silvius-Landon Parsons;  Amiens- Sariah Perez ; Hymen- Makena Low; Phebe- Thuany Cruz; - Makenzie Hajek; Duke Senior/ Duke Frederick - Benjamin Belhassen; Corin/Adam- Ethan Stafford; William- Erik Drake;  Le Beau-Sorshia Curry

Director- Robert Rotenberry

Assistant Directors: Caitlyn Abrahams, Thuany Cruz, Sam Johnson, Makena Pang

Assistants to the Director: Emma Baltadano, Rachel Ford, Landon Parsons


Departments: Acting, APA Student Council, MMET Music, MMET Media, Music, Media and Entertainment Technology, Technical Theatre, Costuming, Dance, Musical Theater, Orchestral Music, Theatre
Cole Wachman      
Kate Monster      
Lillian Buonocore      
Kelsey Kato      
Jacob Cain      
Gary Coleman      
Katherine Chatman      
Christmas Eve      
Anna Nguyen      
Garrett Engle      
Taylor Windle      
Bad Idea Bears      
Guy McEleney      
Emma Tweitmann      
Trekkie Monster      
Adrian Villegas      
Taryn Ransom      
Sam Melvin      
Riley Smith      
Swing - Kate Monster/Lucy/BI Bear    
Emily Abeles      
Swing - Christmas Eve/Gary Coleman    
Paige Taylor      
Swing - Rod/Nicky/Bad Idea Bear    
Riley Smith      
Swing - Brian/Trekkie Monster      
Cole LaBrake      
Avenue Q Ensemble      
Emily Abeles Narrator, Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Rebecca Anderson Ensemble    
Taylor Aragon Soloist, Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Lauren Beebe Ensemble    
Tai Bercher Ensemble, Senior Director's Assistant    
Adam Blanchard Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Grace Bowen Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Lauren Cocroft Narrator, Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Claire Conti Ensemble    
Sophia Courtemarche Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Brenna Donovan Ensemble    
Sarah Droker Moving Box/Ensemble    
Annalise Fox Ensemble    
Laura Harris Narrator, Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Mary-Lynn Hearn Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Rylie Herbel Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Rosella Juliano Narrator, Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Riley Keough Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Autumn Kirkpatrick Soloist, Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Cole LaBrake Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Shannon McCoy Ensemble, Senior Director's Assistant    
Sydney McNamar Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Sam Melvin Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Emily Michels Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Varsha Midha Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Doreen Nguyen Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Allyson Peffers Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Calvin Proctor Ensemble    
Selah Rabin Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Victoria Romero Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Samuel Schubert Ensemble    
Dorothea Seibert von Fock Ensemble    
Riley Smith Educational Ensemble/Ensemble    
Paige Taylor Educational Ensemble/Moving Box/Ensemble    
Autumn Thelander Moving Box/Ensemble    
Gillian Duane, Chyna Gudgel, Mollie Hersh, Michael Kriesel, Noah LaBare,     
Katelyn Mandich, Alex McCrimmon, Emma Rutkowski, Helen Thome, Nina Wheeler    
Delaney Raupp, Kat Lewis      

08/28/14 - Callbacks for As You Like It

Departments: Acting, APA Student Council, MMET Music, MMET Media, Music, Media and Entertainment Technology, Technical Theatre, Costuming, Dance, Musical Theater, Orchestral Music, Theatre

As You Like It Callbacks

Please report to the black box when you are finished with classes.   We will be there from 1:00-5:00 pm.

If you are called back for Rosalind please have both male and female outfits to show us that you can look like both.

If you play an instrument or sing please be prepared to do a short song.

Keep in mind that in the callback process some actors might be asked to read for additional roles.




Emma Baltadono, Makenzie Hajek, Kasha Meyers


Shannon Mahoney, Kasha Meyers, Katie Peterson


Kayla Boogar, Thuany Cruz, Sorshia Curry, Shannon Mahoney


Caitlyn Abrahams, Kayla Boogar, Katie Peterson


Caitlyn Abrahams, Emma Baltadono, Thuany Cruz, Makenzie Hajek, Sariah Perez


Sorshia Curry, Makena Low


James Hamill, Kelsey Kato, Mason Marie,  Finn Mitchel


Skylar Davis, Nicholas Stenseng


Kelsey Kato, Jacob Menke, Grant Rincon


Skylar Davis, Sebastian Dominquez, Mason Marie,  Jacob Menke

Duke Senior

James Hamill, Grant Rincon


Skylar Davis, James Hamill


Mason Marie, Sam Johnson,  Finn Mitchel, Nicholas Stenseng

Duke Frederick

Sebastian Dominquez, Grant Rincon


Sam Johnson,  Zach Lombardo

Jaques de Boys

Zach Lombardo, James Volonte


Erik Drake,  Sam Johnson,  Zach Lombardo

Sir Oliver Martext

Kareem Alkhouli, Ethan DiMarino ,Landon Parsons

Adam or Madam

Caitlyn Abrahams, Zach Lombardo, Makena Low, James Volonte

Le Beau

Caitlyn Abrahams, Nathan Coffey, Shannon Mahoney, Kasha Meyers

Forest Lord 1

Emma Baltadono, Erik Drake, James Volonte

Forest Lord 2

Nathan Coffey

Court Lord 1

Landon Parsons, Kareem Alkhouli

Court Lord 2

Makena Low, Aaron Stafford


Kareem Alkhouli. Nathan Coffey, Ethan DiMarino


Erik Drake, Thuany Cruz, Sariah Perez, Aaron Stafford, Ethan Volonte

Lords/ladies court

Nathan Coffey, Rebeka Fodor, Jacob Mesa, Ethan Volonte

Lords/ladies Forest


To audition

Alyssa Hall, Ethan Stafford


As You Like It Callback Scenes





Duke Frederick
















Le Beau








Court-Lord 1, Lord 2








Jacques de Boys
















Duke Senior












Arden -Lord 1, Lord 2
























Oliver Martext



63-72, 106-107





Page 1, Page 2




Courtiers and musicians




Songs- The ones with a* can be song by anyone.   The others are sung by the characters listed.

We Will Rock You*

Ballroom Blitz*

Hit Me With Your Best Shot*

Gonna Fly Now*

Under the Greenwood Tree –Amiens

Whoever Shuns Amibition- Amiens

If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out- Amiens, Duke Senior’s pages and courtiers

Dude Looks Like A Lady*

Fooled Around and Fell In Love

It Was A Lover and His Lass- Duke Senior’s pages and courtiers

Crazy Little Thing Called Love*


08/11/14 - WALK FOR THE ARTS

Departments: Acting, APA Student Council, MMET Music, MMET Media, Music, Media and Entertainment Technology, Technical Theatre, Costuming, Dance, Musical Theater, Orchestral Music, Theatre

WALK FOR THE ARTS packets have been mailed out.  If you have not recieved one or have any questions, please contact the APA office at 714.536.2514 ext 4025.  Sample letters can be located under STUDENT PORTAL, then under HELPFUL LINKS.

07/26/14 - Auditions As You Like It- APA Fall Play

Departments: Acting, APA Student Council, MMET Music, MMET Media, Music, Media and Entertainment Technology, Technical Theatre, Costuming, Dance, Musical Theater, Orchestral Music, Theatre

APA Theatre


William Shakespeare’s

As You Like It

Wednesday, August 28 3:00-6:00 pm

Thursday, August 29 3:00-6:00 pm

Callbacks, Friday August 30 1:00-5:00 pm by invitation

Black Box Theatre- Sign up for a time slot on the APA callboard starting August 25.

You will need to perform a 1-2 minute memorized comic monologue by William Shakespeare.

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.  Rosalind and Orlando have fled into the forest for their lives after threat of death.  Orlando is in love with Rosalind but can’t find her because she is disguised as a man, Ganymede.   Touchtone loves Audrey but William has already called her his.   Silvius loves Phebe who doesn’t think he is good enough for her.  Phebe loves Ganymede (but she is actually a woman).   Celia loves Oliver but he put out the order to kill his brother, Orlando.   He says he has changed, but has he?    Amidst all of this romance melancholy Jacques who expounds his brilliant but downbeat philosophy on humanity.   Set in the modern world of glam rock and folk music, one of Shakespeare’s most delightful comedies will rock you!


Director Robert Rotenberry is looking for creative, disciplined and dedicated actors to take this show to the top.   There are 25 speaking roles plus there will be an ensemble of courtiers.  Rehearsals start in September.  Due to the multiple locations in the script, some characters only appear in 1 or 2 acts while others appear in all 5 acts.  Therefore not all actors will be called all the time. The script is available on line so take a look at it.  You can also refer to the character description page.  The show runs November 13-16.   The play is entered in the CETA High School Theatre festival which runs January 16-18 in Fullerton.  You must be available during that time in case As You Like It is asked to perform. 

As You Like It is a fun, romantic comedy full of a wide variety of unique characters.   It is being set in a modern period so more of the roles can be female.  It is written with numerous songs in it and we are adding a few glam rock and folk songs.  If actors can sing, play an instrument or dance –we can use some of that for the show.


There will be two free Shakespeare Master classes to help prepare you for the upcoming auditions. Kellie Nitkin, APA Actors Rep graduate, actress and acting teacher will be teaching an awesome class. You need to bring your 1-2 minute audition monologues from a Shakespeare comedy. You may attend one or both. They will both be in the black box theatre. The first one is Saturday, August 9 from 1:00-3:00 pm. The second one is right before the auditions on Monday, August 25 from 6:00-8:00 pm.  Preferably you are totally memorized but if not be very familiar with the piece you will be performing to get the most out of the master classes.




The Court of Duke Frederick:

+Duke Frederick, M, Duke Senior's younger brother and his usurper, also Celia's father.  Evil and irrational, he threatens many including Rosalind with death.  We hear at the end that he has left all of this behind changing his evil ways. 1, 2,3

#Rosalind, F, Duke Senior's daughter.  One of the largest and strongest female characters Shakespeare ever wrote.  Tall and striking, she appears most of the play as a man, Ganymede so must make a convincing man.  She is saucy, adventuresome and brave.  She loves Orlando upon meeting him but uses her disguise to get to know him and teach him about women.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

#Celia, F, Duke Frederick's daughter and Rosalind's cousin.  She is so devoted to Rosalind that she gives up her royal stature to join her in the forest as Aliena.  At the end of the play she falls in love with the reformed Oliver de Boys.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5

#Touchstone, M, a court fool who runs away with Celia and Rosalind.  He is brilliant and quick witted.  He is cynical but jolly.  Observant, raunchy and funny he falls for the lusty Audrey and decides he must wed her. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+Le Beau, E most likely F,  a courtier and evil accomplice to Duke Frederick 1

+Charles, M, the ultimate meat-head wrestler. He's the neck snapping, rib-cracking, limb-shattering court wrestler who's ordered to kill Orlando but gets trounced. 1

*Lord at court 1, E,  Duke Frederick's friend 

*Lord at court 2, E,  Duke Frederick's friend

*Lords and ladies in Duke Frederick's court -Ensemble 1, 2, 3


The Household of the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys:

#Oliver de Boys, M, the eldest son and heir.  He defies his father’s will treating his younger brother worse than the servants.  That isn’t enough so he plots to have Charles murder Orlando.  When, after all of his mistreatment, Orlando saves his life, Oliver sees the error of his ways and turns himself around.  He falls is love with Celia at the end.  1, 3, 4, 5

*Jacques de Boys, M, the second son.  He has been sent to college and arrives at the end to announce the turnaround at court.  5

#Orlando de Boys, M, the youngest son who falls for the royal Rosalind and in fact, she thrills him so much that he can overpower the much stronger Charles.  In exile he can think of nothing but Rosalind writing love poems to her which he leaves all over the forest.  His meeting with Ganymede starts a resolution to get over his love but nothing changes his feelings. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

+Adam, E, a faithful old servant who follows Orlando into exile.  Gives up everything for Orlando to join him in flight.  However this almost kills him. 1, 2, 5

*Dennis, E, Oliver's servant who called Charles in the plot to murder Orlando. 1



The Exiled Court of Duke Senior in the Forest of Arden:

#Duke Senior, M, Duke Frederick's older brother and Rosalind's father.   Instead of being in despair over being kicked out of his own kingdom by his younger brother, he doesn’t let anything get him down and sees the good in everything. 2, 5

#Jaques, M, a discontented, melancholic lord.  He muses on the viciousness of human hypocrisy, affects to dislike music and dancing, and praises only the satire that can expose the sins of the world.  He sees himself as a moody philosopher with brilliant insight into humanity. His “all the world’s a stage” speech is one of the most famous in all of Shakespeare’s plays. 2, 3, 4, 5

*Amiens, F,  an attending lord and musician.  She is the lover of Duke Senior.  She sings several songs and perhaps plays the guitar.  2, 5

+Lord in forest 1, E,  Duke Senior’s friend 

*Lord in forest 2 , E, Duke Senior’s friend

*Lords, Ladies, pages in Duke Senior's forest court.  Ensemble  2,5


Country folk in the Forest of Arden:

+Phebe, F, a proud shepherdess.   She is beautiful but snobby and rejects Silvius thinking she is too good for him.  She falls for and pursues the more refined Ganymede.  The joke is on her because the person she thinks she is love with is a woman.  Rosalind puts her in her place telling her she is not all that and would be lucky to marry Silvius. 3, 5

+Silvius, M, a shepherd who is a handsome young lover.   He thinks Phebe is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Even though she is out of his league he pursues her relentlessly because she means everything to him. 2, 4, 5

+Audrey, F, a country wench.  She is a goat herd loved by William but when Touchtone arrives on the scene she finds he is the man for her despite how opposite as they are.  To say she is not bright is being generous.  She is charming and appealing but while she appears free loving she points out that she is not a bad girl. 3, 5

+Corin, E, but most likely M, an elderly shepherd.  He is a father figure to Silvius and befriends Touchtone.  2, 3, 4, 5

*William, M, a country man.  Likeable but dim.  He has designs on Audrey until Touchtone steps in. 4, 5

*Sir Oliver Martext, M,  a curate.  He is a drunk and upon his appearance Touchtone vetoes this fool performing his wedding ceremony. 3


Other characters:

*Hymen, F, officiates over the weddings in the end; She is the God of marriage, as appearing in a masque.  5

*Singers and musicians 


# Lead - 7 roles           + Supporting – 9 roles             * Featured- 13 to 25 actors


 Numbers indicate the acts that this character appears in.