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Dedicated students, especially our graduates, have many opportunities to receive scholarships provided by local arts organizations and awards presented at Huntington Beach High School's Distinguished Oilers ceremonies. At the year-end APA Academy Awards the faculty recognizes students for academic excellence in each of the disciplines. The HB APA Foundation supports several awards with accompanying scholarships. At the same event, the Elizabeth Fontes Dance Scholarship and the Amanda Borad Memorial Dance Scholarship are presented.

Amanda Borad Memorial Dance Scholarship
Amanda's family created this scholarship in honor of their daughter who graduated from APA and Ocean View High School in 1997. In 1998, on Valentines Day, a drunk driver killed Amanda.

Mr. and Mrs. Borad used Amanda's 1997 tax refund to establish a Dance Scholarship available to graduating seniors and for the benefit of the Department of Dance. Since 1998, this fund has generated over $12,000.00. Eighteen dance department graduates have received scholarships.

The application process begins each year in April. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please complete this donor form.


Elizabeth Fontes Dance Scholarship
One freshman student receives this scholarship of $600.00 annually to be applied toward fees, dance attire and shoes for a total of $2,400.00 for four years. The scholarship will not become available again until 2006.

If you wish to contribute to APA's scholarship funds please send your donation to the HB APA Foundation.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities
• National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts
• Frank M. Doyle Scholarship
• Emerging Young Artist Award
• More Scholarship Opportunities