10 Minute Play Festival: Feb 5th!

Posted January 12, 2022

10 Minute Play Festival: Feb 5th!

10 Minute Play Festival
February 5th at 2PM & 5PM
APA Studio Theater (Black Box)
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2PM Performances:

  • Three Royals written by Sarah McCarthy and directed by Paige Kim
  • The Strange Case of a Two-Sided Love written by Hannah Lopez and directed by Robbie Preston
  • The Hallmark Play written by Claire Dymmel and directed by Jack Adling, assistant directed by Anna Padilla
  • Zombies in Aisle Seven written by Cara Babin and directed by Dani Edwards
  • A Conversation with Dr. Hans Zweigler written by Lowen Jeffery and directed by Kiki Lothian

5PM Performances:

  • Serial Dating written by Katherine Meschuck and directed by Ella Acciacca, assistant directed by Niko Griffin
  • Exercise written by Lauren Lincoln and directed by Maddie Gerber
  • The World Wide Web written by Grayson Garcia and directed by Vivian Bui
  • The Stanford Games written by Elle Nakamura and directed by Roda Teame
  • Just a Cat written by Cami Nakamura and directed by Clare Amesbury, assistant directed by Genevieve Perry