Actions to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Posted March 10, 2020

Actions to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

A Note from HBHS Principal Daniel Morris

Since APA facilities are located on the Huntington Beach High School campus, we’ve included the most up-to-date letter from Daniel Morris, HBHS Principal, on our actions to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Students can benefit from taking a moment to look over the infographic above, which illustrates how we can take measures daily to ensure our safety against COVID-19. APA thanks you kindly for your cooperation during this time; our students’ safety is of the highest priority.

March 9, 2020

Good Afternoon Oiler Community.

Just a note to inform you that we have been implementing extra procedures to help us prevent exposure to the coronavirus and the flu here at Huntington Beach High School.

  1. Our custodians are working diligently to maintain and replace all of our soap dispensers in the school restrooms. They are ensuring the restroom sinks, faucet handles, toilets, and toilet handles are being cleaned daily.
  2. Our custodians are wiping down and sanitizing desks, door handles and door jams on their evening rounds to ensure surfaces are free from bacteria and viruses. They are also wiping down common areas like student tables and drinking fountains with sanitizer.
  3. We are working to secure hand sanitizer and Kleenex for all classrooms and common areas.
  4. We are placing OC Public Work hand-washing and cough/sneeze precautions reminder flyers throughout campus.
  5. Instructing our staff and students to stay home if they feel sick. Especially, if they are exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms. Most Important, instructing staff and students to remain at home until their fever is gone for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines.

We need your help! Please help to reinforce and remind your students to take these precautions! These will help you stay healthy too! We especially need you to keep children home when they have any cold or flu like symptoms. If we are consistent and reinforce the same message, we can ensure our community stays safe and healthy as we work through this crisis. Thank you and stay healthy, Oilers!

With Much Respect,
Daniel Morris
Principal, Huntington Beach High School