Posted April 29, 2020


Dearest APA Supporters:

We are asking for your support of the APA program. EEFA has launched an emergency fundraiser to seek donations in order to support APA with the tremendous unexpected costs and program losses associated with the COVID-19 shutdown. We anticipate fall budgets to have significant shortfalls for the arts, and want to support efforts of maintaining the high caliber of education and arts programming that APA is renowned for.

We ask that our kind supporters join us in sharing this message, or even consider a donation to EEFA to benefit the APA program. It is our hope that our wonderful community will use this as a way to support the multitude of artistic programs delivered by APA, and do so in a way that provides them with a tax deductible donation.

To access our emergency fundraiser page, visit: fundly.com/eefa-emergency-fundraising

Please feel free to share our message and fundraising website far and wide in order for us to offer support to the arts as best as we can!

Thank you on behalf of the EEFA Board of Directors and the Academy for the Performing Arts,

Debi Windle, President
Gale Bull, Vice President Elect
Danielle Chat, Treasurer
Rhonda Mesa, Secretary Elect
Sheri Hobbs, Parliamentarian
Susan West, Supervisor APA
Diane Makas, Artistic Director APA