Posted May 5, 2021


** DOWNLOAD THE OC LABS TESTING FORM BELOW (this form is required for COVID testing):

Dear APA Parents,

Thank you for reading the letter I sent yesterday in regard to COVID testing and upcoming performances. As expected I have received some questions. Here are some answers that can hopefully help.

If a student can’t make the testing hours we have scheduled, can they go to the lab directly?

Yes, they would just need to check the OC lab hours. Students can go directly to the lab with their parents if they are unable to make the time scheduled. Check the OC Labs schedule:

OC Labs submits results to our school nurse. You may also bring a negative test from a qualified lab, if the test is completed within 72 hours of a performance.

Who receives the COVID test results?

OC Lab sends the confidential results directly to the school nurse, Annalise Morgan. Nurse Morgan will only contact the parent/guardian of a person if they test positive.

If a student or staff member or parent volunteer is fully vaccinated can they show their vaccination card in lieu of testing?

At this time, proof of vaccination can not be accepted in lieu of COVID testing. The Orange County Health Care Agency is still requiring COVID testing for all athletes and performers going indoors. The only exception at this time is for someone who has previously tested positive for and recovered from COVID within 90 days. In this case, an exempt form from a doctor is required. Testing is required weekly if a student, staff or volunteer is participating in multiple events.

Since billing and insurance payments take about 30-60 days to process, you are just seeing the first Covid testing billing come in from your insurance. Here are the scenarios that will take place:

1. Your insurance pays Xpress or OC Labs directly and you just get a notification (this is the most common occurrence).

2. Your insurance will send you a check directly and you in turn will owe XPress or OC Labs. The insurance company tells the lab that you received payment and Xpress or OC Labs will bill you directly for that amount. If you have questions please email OC Labs at

3. In all circumstances you WILL NOT be responsible for the amount the insurance company did not cover. It is the policy of the labs to NOT balance bill patients. What is paid by the insurance company or public agency is considered payment in full.